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my new theme ideas for Hurrician Irene

  • Necker Island fire - contians main house with rare burning pieces. Save Richards bransons mother while having to save precious documounts from the office. Contians mian hall with broken chandilair, guest bedrooms with burnt beds and virgin office with plenty of documents and burnt replica of the virgin galatic shuttle. Contians Kate winslet, one screaming child, Bransons mother and Richard Branson.
  • flooded street set in New Jersey - act out a classic hurrician scene with two half submerged cars, submerged lampost a flooded resturant. Escape out of your cars as the water rises and before your fake tan starts to run. Contians 2 New Jersians with realistic fake tan, resturant owner and dead car driver.
  • Times square reporter scene - All weather reporters love the rain so there having a ball in times square with umbrelars and wellies. Stand under the telivision screen with you microphone talking about how the worlds coming to the end. Contians Big screen television screen 1 reporter, 1 camer man and 1 new york cab driver and cab.
  • Port scene - Run away from the collapsing board walk upturning fishing boat. Contiaing fishing boat and broken board walk with collapsing lamposts and fire hydrants. Contians 2 fisher men and 1 couple.

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