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Vintage Minifigure Collection: Vol. 3

For the first time ever, Lego is reproducing classic minifigures. Each volume contains 5 vintage minifugres from different themes and years. Underneath each minifigure shows the exact year it was made.

This set contains a Classic Spaceman (Yellow), Knight (Black Falcon), Classic Navy Guard, Classic Chef and a Sherrif (Blue). The Spaceman does not have his original helmet. This Knight still has his logo printed on his shirt. The Navy Guard wears his shoulder pads and a tall hat. The Chef has a moustache printed on his face. The Cowboy is from the Adventures theme!

I really do like this set. Another great set for boys. And of course another great part to your Lego collection! This set can be bought for £8-10. And has been rated 4.5/5.