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Vintage Minifigure Collection: Vol.1

For the first time ever, Lego is reproducing classic minifigures. Each volume contains 5 vintage minifugres from different themes and years. Underneath each minifigure shows the exact year it was made.

This set contains the classic Red Spaceman, classic Fireman, Octan minifigure, classic prisoner and a Mad Scientist. The Red Spaceman doesn't come with his original helmet, which had no visor holes. It also has the red oxygen tank. The fireman comes with no additional parts. The Octan minifigure comes with his red cap. The prisoner's face has a moustache. The Mad Scientist is one of the first minifigures to have a double sided head. The other side is a dog/wolf face.

This set would make a major part in your Lego collection. This set is ussualy sold for £8-10. And it has been rated, 4.5.