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Star Wars Advent Calendar

The Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar consists of 24 minifigures/ miniships/ minivehicles/ minisets! This years Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar contains an exclusive Yoda Claus minifigure! Here are all the sets/ minifgures so far:

  1. Republic Cruiser (ship)
  2. Nute Gunray (minigure)
  3. Mechno Chair (addition for Nute Gunray)
  4. Spider Droid (vehicle as seen on Geonosis)
  5. Boba Fett's Slave I (ship)
  6. Chewbacca (minifigure)
  7. Weapon stand (addition for Chewbacca)
  8. Rebel Pilot (minifigure)
  9. X-Wing (ship)
  10. Imperial Shuttle (ship)
  11. Droid Pilot (minifigure)
  12. Snow Speeder (ship)
  13. R2-Q7 (minifigure)
  14. Mouse Droid (minifigure)
  15. Republic Gunship (ship)
  16. Clone Pilot (minifigure)
  17. Weapon Holder (addition)
  18. Y-Wing (ship)
  19. Y-Wing Imperial Pilot (minifigure)
  20. TIE Fighter (ship)
  21. Millenium Falcon (ship)
  22. A-Wing (ship)
  23. Christmas Tree (addition)
  24. Yoda Claus (*EXCLUSIVE* minifigure)

What a wonderful set of minifigures, miniships and some great additions! The minifigures were quite rare, since some of them did not appear in many sets. Like Nute Gunray has appeared in one set, same with the Y-Wing Imperial Pilot! Now my favourite part to this set, was the Mouse Droid! I have always wanted a Mouse Droid. It has only appeared in the Death Star, and I could never find the right pieces to build it!

Finally time to rate this set! I am giving this set, a 5/5! And I hope for another one next year!

Super Scribblenaut

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