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Item №: 9464
Minifigures: 3
Released: 2012
Theme: Monster Fighters
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This is the biggest Monster Fighters set I have to date


As always,I will list them from favorite to least favorite:

Lord Vampyre:He comes with a cool sword.He has a awesome torso with suit printings.Barely any leg printings.Double-sided face with one side open mouth other side his mouth is closed.No cape sadly.Plus a Glow in the dark head!

Dr.Rodney Rathbone:He has an unprinted bowler hat along with a mustache.He has a pistol along with sword that has a safety seal.His torso has a white shirt with a silver jacket along with a red tie.Not to forget the golden watch hanging out his pocket.My favorite part about him is his one robot leg.

Renfield/Zombie Driver:He has a surprisingly cool face with a ripped blue suit.His back and leg printings have rips.I just wish he had a weapon.

Dr.Rodney's Motorcycle

I just thought I would mention that this motorcycle is Frank Rock's in Monster Fighters videos.It is grey on some parts,but mostly maroon.It has two flames on the sides.It has a dynamite holder,plus a gun holder.

The Vampire Hearse

This covers baggies one and two.The part I liked the most is the detailed engine with a red moonstone.The one flaw is that it is in front of the view for the person driving.It comes with a glow in the dark flame sticker too.TBA or To Be Added.

Reviewer of the Month: October


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