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Lego Critics's Template:Set has the ability to have two colors applied to it according to its theme- one for the title and one for the main background. The colors are applied automatically when the "theme" field in {{Set}} is filled out. This page shows which colors are applied to a set infobox depending on the corresponding theme.

If a theme is not listed below, or at Lego Critics: Infobox Colours 2, please see Lego Critics:Infobox color proposals and either vote on or suggest colors for the theme. If a theme is not listed here the colors are set to default.

Themes Edit

Note: You may have to purge this page to see changes.

See more at Lego Critics: Infobox Colours 2

Default Colours Edit

No Title

No Title

No information

{{#declare:Title=Title|Image=Image|Item №=Item №|Pieces=Pieces|Minifigures=Minifigures|Price=Price|Ages=Ages|Released=Released|Theme=Theme}} Template:Infobox Color form

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