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Idriveicon The current improvement drive subject is Brickipedia.

Please do everything you can to improve the related articles in any way you can.
Cast your vote for next month's theme or subject


The improvement drive is a collaboration to boost the quality of articles related to a specific theme or subtheme to Good article status or beyond.

An overview of the current ID project can be viewed here.

When you vote, please add your vote to the vote total at the Current Ranking section, and make the necessary changes. Each month, the theme with the most support votes is chosen. Opposing votes are not counted. You can vote for as many articles as you like. Articles need two votes per week to stay on the list. Admins: Please make sure to update the project page for the respective month when the vote is over. Note: It is considered somewhat rude not to help improving articles you've voted for. When nominating an theme, please use the following syntax:
<br />==[[Name of theme]] (+1)==<br />;Nomination comments:<br />===Support===<br /># ~~~~<br />===Oppose===<br />===Comments===<br />

= Nominations =
:The next project theme is to be selected until the end of February.
Please add new nominations at the bottom of the page.

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