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There are multiple rules to correspond with this Policy

1.Spamming is not acceptable, Even if it means to gain attention. Insta bans (bans without a warning) will be given.

2.Trolling is FROWNED UPON and will result in an Insta-Ban. This Includes posting pointles links.

3.Page Clearing (Long Gap) is not permitted, you will be insta banned if you do.

4.Instabans will be given for arguiung with a referee and/or board member.

5.Before you can be kickbanned, you will recieve one warning via Private Messaging. If you fail to oblige, you will be chatbanned.

6.Arguments are not permitted under any circumstances. If people are found having a physical argument, they will be chatbanned and possibly blocked depending on the situation.

7.Treat everyone with respect. Nobody is like dirt, you're all human beings (And bots!). Disrespect will be highly regarded and you will recieve a warning and ban if you fail to oblige.

8.Board Members and Referees are there for a reason, if you have a problem, tell them.

9.Profanity is NOT ALLOWED. Despite Profanity changes from country to country, you MUST follow that of the highest royal standards.

10.Sockpuppets for Chat are strictly prohibited. Failure to respond with this rule will result in an instant IP Ban. ONE ACCOUNT PER USER! (if you need a 2nd account conntact Bob bricks and explain resond for second account.)

11.This Chat is meant mainly for RPB. RPB has priority over socializing

12.Admins can break some rules to an extent Referees caught breaking any of these rules will be stripped of their powers on the spot, no exceptions!

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