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Good articles in Lego Critics

Good articles are articles which are considered to be of good quality but which are not yet, or are unlikely to reach, featured article quality. Good articles should meet the good article criteria below and have passed through the good article nomination process successfully.

Currently, of the 279 Lego Critics articles, about Template:GA-count are categorized as good articles(about 1 in Template:Roundup), most of which are listed below. An additional Template:FA-count are listed as featured articles (about 1 in Template:Roundup). Articles are only included on one list, so when a good article is promoted to featured status, it is removed from the good articles list. Adding good and featured articles gives a total of Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character "[". articles (about 1 in Template:Roundup).

The process for designating an article as a good article is very easy. If you find or contribute to an article meeting the good article criteria, you can nominate it on the good article nominations page for other Reviewers to assess and, if it is accepted, it will be added to the list of good articles. Similarly, anyone can propose that an article which no longer meets the good article criteria be delisted at good article review. If an article's nomination fails or if an article is delisted, an explanation and possible improvements should be provided on its talk page by the reviewer or delisting editor.

Good article criteria Edit

For an article to be eligible to become a Good Article, it must... Template:Good articles/criteria

Nominations Edit

To nominate or vote for a Good Article, please see the nominations page. Voting is restricted to registered users.

List of Good articles Edit

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