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Dino is a System theme originally scheduled for release in 2012 but was unofficially released on Nov. 9th, 2011 in the US. It features dinosaur models similar to the ones used in the Dino Attack theme, but more realistically designed. There are seven sets in the first wave. New moulded pieces include stun guns with green tranquillizers and various species of dinosaurs.

Sets Edit

2011 Edit

2012 Edit

New Pieces Edit

All the dinosaurs are new moulds. The tranquiliser guns are new moulds similar to the Star Wars blasters but with a clip to hold a syringe rather than a fixed scope. Several new decorations are introduced including torsos and heads. New lime-green syringe pieces are also to be introduced.

Notes Edit

  • In the November/December 2011 issue of LEGO Club Magazine, it is stated that the dinosaurs were unleashed by commander Hypaxxus-8 of Alien Conquest as another plan for world domination.
  • It appears that the guns and missiles used are tranquilizers to sedate the dinosaurs for safe capture. This would explain the syringes on the rifles.
  • All though the sets were scheduled to come out in 2012 they became available at Toy's R Us and LEGO stores in early November.

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