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The Mines of Moria is a very sturdy, well-made set.....but a little too expensive. It has nice falling pillars and wall. The tomb can be "smashed open" by the cave troll. Pippin can knock down the skeleton, alerting two Moria orcs. The set also comes with ahidden treasure chest. The set"s minifigures are the

The Mines of Moria

Cave Troll who has a large mace but when holding it is a little imbalanced, Legolas, who comes withan awesome longbow, Boromir, who comes witha cool sword and round shield, Gimli, who comes with one single-bladed axe and one double-bladed axe as well as a helmet very accurate to the movie, Pippin who has a small, gladius-like sword and two Moria Orcs, one with a flail and one witha jagged sword and shield. All minifigs have two faces except the Cave Troll. The door can be blocked with an axe, just like in the movie. The set also comes with some other weapons and a brick separator.

Overall, this set is very nice but there are a few minor details such as the fact that the Cave Troll is imbalanced when holding the mace. Also the set's playability is not very good. This set I found hard with which to play and therefore recommend this set more older audiences and collectors, as it makes a nice diorama or display. I will give it 4.5 Rings of Doom out of 5.

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