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The Uruk-Hai Army set is a good set and can easily be connected to Helm's Deep. The set comes with Eomer, who has a cool spear and a shield exclusive to the set. He has a horse with jointed hind legs and neck and a helmet with accurate gold markings on it. Also, there is a Rohan archer who has a very accurate helmet and a bow. It comes with 4 Uruk-Hai, two with barbed swords and sharp-edged shields and two with halberds. All have movie accurate helmets and breastplates. There is a very cool ballista that shoots two harpoon-like arrows and an outpost with a catapult.

This a nice set because of the 6 minifigures it comes with. However, it only has 30 more pieces than "Shelob Attacks" yet costs $10 more. So because of the outrageous price, I'm giving this set 3.7/5.
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Uruk-Hai Army

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