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The mime.

Welcome to the review of lego minifigures series 2!i will countdown to #4,then i will ask you to vote.


  1. 16This is the first lego minifigure in the theme to have arm printing.he features black legs along with a black and white stripe pattern.He comes with the classical mime hat.He also includes three faces-a happy face,a sad face,and a surprised face.

Traffic CopEdit

  1. 15Comes with the space policeman helmet(not commando)He also comes with glasses anda ticket.Plus handcuffs.He also has a bdge printed on his shirt and a walkie talkie printed.




# 14This guy has the penguin's hat along with a moustache and surprised expression.He also has black legs and a red jacket.He has a black bow and a white thingy on that jacket.Laso comes with a white undershirt.He also has a white whip.

Disco DudeEdit

Here comes the dancing diva at #13.He has black hair along with white pants.also has a white shirt along with purple shirt pockets.He comes with his latest single too.


  1. 12here is the surfer's saver in case of a surfing accident.She includes blonde hair and a non-amused look.She includes a miniboat too(red).She has a red swimsuit also.

Marca ManEdit

  1. 11 here is your favorite spanish inquistador with....MARACA'S!.

    Maraca Man

    He features a sombrero(that word has a squggly line above one letter) with a poncho printings on torso.He also has a moustche.he also has brown legs.

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