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Demolition Dummy

ok let's get started.instead of listing from fav to least fav,ill list them from least fav to fav in the minifigure countdown


  1. 16 I like the hair and face plus she has normal torso hospital printing.white legs too.


Demolition DummyEdit

  1. 15 yellow headpiece with other hazard signs and a wrench and sign.

Tribal HunterEdit

  1. 14 Nice to have with the series 3 chief.He has an in


    dian cap with something on top.animal-made clothes and,a bow and arrow.


  1. 13 has a switchable hat and hair.i like the wand the most.funny face with a suit as the torso printing.


  1. 12 Has a bow and arrow with a green hat.his hat has a red thingy on it(nice touch)He has a beard with a bow holder on his back.

Deep Sea DiverEdit

  1. 11 He has a smile with a blue helmet.he also has a blue transparent visor.Blue torso and legs.

    Deep sea diver

    He also has an orange air tank with 2 orange flippers.

TOP 10!

Super WrestlerEdit

  1. 10 He has a blue and red mask with a red cape.He also has a gold belt.He has blue wings on his legs.


  1. 9 He has an awesome cowboy hat in sand color(same as dino guy i think).Plus,a couple of pistols.


    He has a cool


    sand jacket too.brown legs and also a metal belt.


  1. 8 He has the coolest hair in all of the lego's in my opinion(im thinking mechanic's in series 6 is better,but i don't have series 6).He also comes with a skeleton hoodie with a blue skateboard.


  1. 7 Some people might think the ninja is like in top 5,but im not for sure.He comes with the noraml black ninja mask,black legs,and black ninja robes.Plus,Two golden ninja swords.


  1. 6 every minifigure's goal in every series is to make the top 5.Cheer leader was so close.She comes with a m on her shirt to resemble memphis tigers.she also has 2 pom poms with blue and white on them.She has agent trace's hair in blonde.

TOP 5!


  1. 5 This guy has a white space helmet with a clear thingy in it.He also has printed metal stuff on his legs.He has a smile too.he also has a picture of a planet on his spacesuit(probally Saturn).

Circus ClownEdit



Here comes your favorite clown clocking in at #4!he has red disco dude in series 2's hair along with a red nose and a white smile.He has a green suit along with blue straps and a red bow.He has a left red leg with a blue patch,and a right blue leg with a red patch.

The Battle of series 1

i have picked my favorites,now you pick yours!pick your favorite out of these three:Robot,Zombie,and Caveman.I will pick a winner May 31st,so don't forget to vote!(put your vote in comments)==Robot==

NOTE:this is NOT # 3 im just writing a review on him/her.Here is the robot.He comes with a metal helmet along with evil red eyes(scary when you pull off the helmet).He also comes with a robot arm(weird he doesn't come with two(Note:if you got multiples,you could remove one's

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