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Seaside House is currently my favourite set, ever. My previous Creator set, Log Cabin could never live up to the standards of this set.

First, the actual house. It consists of baby blue bricks (very rare colour) with a red roof. The outside design is great, plants and decorations have been added to the balcony to make it much more attractive. The outdoor shower is just a bonus! It looks exactly how I would image an outdoor shower to be. A button, medic kit and a grid for the water to run through. There is also a safety ring to throw into the sea!

The beach is a perfect outdoor scene! A large sandcastle complete with a flag, a small BBQ with a fish and crab crawling along the sand! I love the way the waves have been made. Although, I'm sure I've seen a bigger wave than that.

The palm tree is one of my only cons about this set. The palm tree is only stuck to a small, flimsy brick, making it quite fragile. Trying to get the seagull out of the tree is another problem. Either the top of the tree comes off, or the yellow stud ressembling a bird foot gets stuck to the tree. My summary of the palm tree, LEGO, just stick it onto the actual set!

The interior of the house... Um, it had a ladder. Yeah, that's it. No flooring, just a ladder. The second floor actually looks nicer than the ground floor. No seats, tables, flowers or anything inside the house. Except for a ladder.

And so you can see the wonderful interior design, you can remove the second floor, which is great for easy access! The second floors large window also opens!

I think I have covered all of the features in this set! So, the set summary? An incredible set, amazing exterior design, lots of cool features, interior needs some work. This set definitely deserves a 4.5/5!

-Creeper S

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