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Von Nebula is a retired Hero Factory set that was released in 2010 as the main antagonist of the 1.0 series. His set number is 7145 and he is recognized as a titan. Starscream7 is here to provide you with his view of the set.


  1. Many BIONICLE pieces are included in the set.
  2. Includes a black Hydraxon helmet, last released in 2007 in a silver form. Also, the pincers next to the helmet are very clever.
  3. Von Nebula's staff is also very creative, with a black and blue orb in the center.
  4. The spikes on his shoulders are a very cool addition.
  5. The overall design of the set is new and spectacular.


  1. His arms are too short, and they consist of sockets on his shoulders and wrists, which lower the articulation level. Also, his knees, despite their new and incredible design, are very stiff and easily slip out of the sockerts on his ankles. Overall, he has poor articulation.
  2. For some reason, the set seems to be slightly short.

Overall ViewEdit

On my usual scale of 1 to 5, I will give Von Nebula a 4/5 (80%). I find him to be a very good set, with him being the last Hero Factory titan to consist mostly of BIONICLE pieces. If you are able to locate this set on Amazon or Ebay (as it is not available in public stores anymore), I highly recommend him.

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