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This Review is ranked 4.5 out of 5.

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I'm getting this set in June.I'm doing a review just by looking right now


I will list from fav to least fav.

Doc Ock:Cool arms with no leg printings or back printings?He also has glasses.I think he has a double-sided face.One side has an open mouth while the other is closed.

Iron Fist:He has a dragon on his torso along with muscles.His head is awesome,with a half yellow top and bottom is white.He also has white eyes.

Spiderman!:(turns on spiderman music)He comes with a web accessory with a cool new face.His torso has a black spider on red with a blue outline.He also has blue legs.

Doc Ock's CarEdit

I'm guessing this and part of the lab is part 1.The only thing I can tell is that it is....a car with green flick-fire missles.

Doc Ock's Lab...BaseEdit

Has a little clear chamber.It also has a table where Iron fist is held captive.There's a little cutter or something.Plus there's a giant tower with a fan up top.I'm guessing lego has a feature within it.It might have something to do with Iron Fist or the fan or something.

All In AllEdit

All in All I give this set a 4.5.It doesn't look like much fun but the figures are awesome and exclusive!

Thanks for reading one of my shortest reviews! User:Mr.Brick

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