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The general with foot soldier's hair.

I got this set along with 6868 Hulk's Helicarrier Breakout.


This set comes with 3 minifigures.As always i will list them from favorite to least favorite.

Captain America:My favorite minifig in this set.He has an a above his eyes and an america sign on his shirt.He has red hands too.plain blue legs also.He also has back printing.the back printing is like an america sign.

Alien General:he has a weird looking gun that he(or she) holds upside down.Not much to say since the printings are weird but he doesn't have a double-sided face he has has back head printings instead.

Alien Soldier:Cool little figure.Nice addition to an army.Simalar to alien general so not really much to say.

Captain America's Avenging CycleEdit

This is the first part you build.Not much features except this thing to hold capt.'s sheild.THREE stickers.4.0

Gunner SationEdit

Basically a stand with a flick-fire missle.COMPLAINT:The alien soldier(or any figure) can't stand on it.3.0

General's Hovercraft.....OF DOOM!Edit

He has like a missle at the bottom and a couple of wings.Complaint:the golden thingies from ninjago are hard to get on plus the general can't hold his gun while standing up.4.5


Captain america's cycle could have flick fire missles or T stuff that holds it up like in 6858.

The final decisionEdit

In the end,this set is better than it's DC universe counterpart,6858 catwoman set.It sports two exclusive figs with three different things other than figs.Even though it has less pieces than all other 12.99 sets,the figures make up for it.So 4.0 because of alot of playablity and ensuring people to get the EXACT same set over and over and over again(to make a alien army of course).

Thanks User:Mr.Brick

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