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Ok this is my 3rd fav set next to 6860 Batcave.Let's get started Because im so excited


As always ill list these from favorite to least favorite.This set has 5 minfigures.

Two-Face:He has partly black partly white messed up hairpiece.His new color scheme-orange and purple.He comes with no gun or weapon but he has a coin and an extra one.Cool back printing too.

Two face henchmen 1 and 2:So they both have purple and orange jacket with robber hat.One has cool shades and the other has a shaved beard.They both have grey-ish pants.

Guard:he has bruce wayne's old face.he also has a conductor's hat with normal blue police shirt.He also has grey-ish pants.

Batman(black suit):Read 6863 Batwing Battle Over Gotham City to find out about him.


This covers up baggie 1 and 2.So like i said in my 6863 review,batman lacks defenses.2 flick fire missles.This is the best car i have ever feels awesome when you roll it and it has flames on cool

Two-Face's Truck of TwoEdit

this covers baggie this has a awesome color scheme except on hood.Lego could've made a half hood that is one color.crane is on back that can pick up the safe and the street light in 6858.wished it could fit two face in there but no big deal.Has 2 flick fires on one side and a gun on the other.

The Bank OF GOTHAM!Edit

Nice little addition.It can also be in a little town if you'd has a break window feature.comes with 3 100 dollar bills.


This is a cool little set if you can't afford the batcave.i recommend the joker's base 6857 over this.I rate this a 4.5 because of batman lack of defenses and other stuff i might have not mentioned.

thanks User:Mr.Brick

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