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This set is awesome. I highly encourage buying it. This is just a good set to have. The Joker vs. Batman, classic battle, but the Batwing isn't very great. It is Ok, but compared to the other one, it is small, and not good. The other stands up good, this one not as well, and the size it a lot smaller. The new Joker is a lot more detailed then the one in 2008, and so is the henchman. The henchman this time looks remotely like a Joker henchman, the last one looked like a criminal with a purple shirt. The Batman minifigure is almost the same, but a tiny bit different. The Joker's helicopter is nice, and the bomb is a nice addition. And the price, $34.99, is good for everything that is in here. If it was more of $50.00, I would want to expect more. I still think it should have a bigger Batwing, but, overall, this set it really good to play with and to have as a collectors item. I highly encourage buying it. Thanks! DvheadEvanfGo Darth Vader!

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