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This is my favorite set in the DC universe series other than 6857.This is the 500th page added to the wiki


As always ill list from fav to least fav

Bane:My favorite part about this guy is his back.His back has a cord lined up with the back of his face.Cool strong looking torso.

Poison Ivy:She has printed hair which stands out.She also has cool torso printings and back printing.Her double sided face has one side smiling other is angry.

Bruce Wayne:Cool hair(same as hawkeye's) and same face as Loki.Cool sand blue color scheme.The only thing i can think of is that he should have a double sided face.

Robin the boy wonder:same hair as obi wan in black.i like old face better because this new one looks like nightwing.his other face is scared.I didn't really get why he had a harpoon gun,but still,awesome figure.He also has muscles(surprising).When the old batman was out,on youtube robin was stereotyped as annoying.

Batman(blue):read my 6858 Catwoman Catcycle City Chase review

Bane's Drill Tank

So this tank has a amazing feature where whenever it rolls,the drill turns(simaler to thunder driller) two red transperant flick fire missles.The part i never got was how bane can help poison ivy escape even though he doesn't have a second seat.This and the batcycle take up baggie 1.

The BatcycleEdit

This is my favorite of the two batcycle' features 2 flick fires(even though i said before lack of defenses,i expected this because it's so small).

Poison ivy's holding cellEdit

This covers baggie 2 along withpart of the transformation has a breakout function.Very high-tech looking with lasers.

The transformation ChamberEdit

This covers up baggies 2 and 3.It also includes the bat gear.Here's how it works-you put batman in and push it up.then put the stick in there.put bruce wayne on top.then take out the stick.It also includes a ladder to hook this together with the other section.

the batdoorsEdit

this covers up baggie 4 along with the ladders.go's well with the batmobile.

The computer screensEdit

This covers up final baggie 5.It includes a pictures of almost all bat vehicles.It also shows bane and an intruder alert! sign.Plus a map of gotham.


Could've came with a chair for robin on the computer screen thing(i moded mine(even though i usually don't)weird)

Where's Alfred?i made a custom one luckily.

The final scoreEdit

Let's cut to the the chase.Transformation chamber was awesome and everything else was 5 out of 5!!!!!If you got this far,lucky you!thanks for reading,


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