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113px-Hulk other face

Alternate expression.

You get this AMAZING figure if you order over $50 on or in LEGO stores.Only between May 16th and May 31st though.I got this on May 22nd

The Set or MinifigureEdit

This set consists of a plain 4-piece Hulk minifigure.He has Harry Potter's hair.He also has a double-sided face.One side has a gaping mouth showing his teeth.Other has part of a gaping mouth showing teeth.That face is in the photo.He has a normal muscule torso with back printings.He has purple pants(sweet!) and that's about it.


He could have a cinder block to hold or something.

The ScoreEdit

All in all I rate this a 4.5 for a great minifigure and polybag set.

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