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4867 Hogwarts Hi agian Me fans. This is a lego set that i got quite recently, well it was when i got it, and i got some exclusive minifigs with it that are "meant" to look like the beatles but dont for legal reasons. Were was i oh yeh this is the latest addition to hogwarts and the second one that i have and is aaawwwweeeesssoooommmmeeee it has a spining globe, the mirror of Erised, some divination stuff (including a crystal ball that is awesome but hard to explian why), and some other stuff. The exploding bridge is awesome exspecialy if you've seen the new film and has cool new figs including nevile, goyle, sprout and lupin. Sooooooo what else ohh its got a little dungon place were you can lock evil people up like malfouy grrrrrrrrrrr. Any way time to get down buisyness and got down diddly down to the ratings and i give it a whole hearted 5/5 so WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

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