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Bat ski

Image of set built.

This set was the first of the promotions this year in the Sun newspaper. I was really shocked when I built this set, as it contains some great pieces, and an astonishing minifigure! The Batman minifigure styles his original black suit, and a brand new cowl. This difference from the old one is that the ears were hollow. They are now no longer hollow. It is very odd how LEGO would make such a change, on such a small set.

Of course, the Bat-Ski is great itself. A small space for Batman to sit, flick fire missiles and some pretty cool pieces. Although I sometimes find that Batman's cape gets caught while sitting down.

This is a great set, includes a cool Bat-Ski with Batman wearing a brand new cowl! This set has been given a 4.5/5!

-Creeper S

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