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Lego minecraft

LEGO Minecraft Set.

LEGO Minecraft is the third set released from CUUSOO. This set is perfect for Minecraft fans, or Minecraftians. Mojang have always said Minecraft and LEGO were made to be together, and now, it has happened! This set is split into 4 segments. Each can connect to any one of the other 3 parts. One includes a small shelter, while another contains lava. The surface isn't the only feature in this set. At the bottom of the set, there are caves containing several ores.

It also includes two Micro-Mobs. One being Steve, the character the player takes control of. He is made up of several 1x1 plates. Some of these have new printing on. The other Micro-Mob is the Creeper. It is made up a few small green bricks, on of which has the printed Creeper face. The Creeper is Minecraft's mascot.

After a quick review, I think this set deserves a 3/5.

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